16 Jul 2011, Benaroya Hall, Seattle, WA, USA
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Main set
1Can't Keep511 daysprevious show71375 days39 shows
2Sleeping By Myself251 daysprevious show76375 days39 shows
3Without You241 daysprevious show5198 days14 shows
4Hey Fahkah111 days7 shows2494 days64 shows
5You're True285 days3 shows13376 days40 shows
6Soon Forget854 days2 shows23376 days40 shows
7Longing To Belong111 daysprevious show12142 days192 shows
8Needle and the Damage Done97 days4 shows18480 days55 shows
9Long Road814 days2 shows3357 days5 shows
10Wishlist2325 days3 shows8958 days6 shows
11Man Of The Hour7220 days12 shows30375 days39 shows
12I Am Mine1582 days1 show59341 days27 shows
13Long Nights151 daysprevious show42376 days40 shows
14No Ceiling524 days2 shows25375 days39 shows
15Far Behind641 daysprevious show71375 days39 shows
16Guaranteed711 daysprevious show69375 days39 shows
17Rise661 daysprevious show6298 days14 shows
18Lukin2111 daysprevious show10053 days2 shows
19Just Breathe761 daysprevious show12250 days1 show
20The End481 daysprevious show2560 days7 shows
21Unthought Known801 daysprevious show13050 days1 show
22Better Man / (Save it for Later)4381 daysprevious show16849 daysnext show
Encore 1
23Iím One45 days3 shows1381 days43 shows
24Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town3832 days1 show19150 days1 show
25Immortality1562 days1 show6661 days8 shows
26Sleepless Nights171 daysprevious show5898 days14 shows
27Society691 daysprevious show6199 days15 shows
28Falling Slowly151 daysprevious show57375 days39 shows
29Open All Night114 days2 shows17375 days39 shows
30Porch5251 daysprevious show21249 daysnext show
Encore 2
31Rockin' In The Free World2388 days5 shows12950 days1 show
32Hard Sun721 daysprevious show74375 days39 shows
33Dream A Little Dream of Me111 daysprevious show18376 days40 shows

1 Covers [ L ]
8 songs
Ukelele Songs [ L ]
8 songs
3 Into the Wild [ L ]
7 songs
4 Backspacer [ L ]
3 songs
5 Vitalogy [ L ]
2 songs
Riot Act [ L ]
2 songs
Other [ L ]
2 songs
8 Ten [ L ]
1 songs
Vs. [ L ]
1 songs
No Code [ L ]
1 songs