01 Apr 2011, Riverside Theatre, Perth, Australia
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Main set
1Long Road766 days3 shows3681 days3 shows
2Don't Be Shy197 days4 shows7484 days61 shows
3Brain Damage67 days4 shows2696 days12 shows
4Sometimes1101 daysprevious show5875 daysnext show
5Throw Your Arms Around Me594 days2 shows1875 daysnext show
6Just Breathe561 daysprevious show13575 daysnext show
7Millworker301 daysprevious show1381 days3 shows
8Unthought Known601 daysprevious show14675 daysnext show
9Better Man4251 daysprevious show17475 daysnext show
10Can't Keep311 daysprevious show8575 daysnext show
11Light Today24 days1 show2775 daysnext show
12Soon Forget804 days1 show2786 days6 shows
13No Ceiling464 days1 show3075 daysnext show
14Guaranteed521 daysprevious show8276 days1 show
15Rise481 daysprevious show7975 daysnext show
16Needle and the Damage Done64 days2 shows2086 days6 shows
17Immortality1464 days2 shows7176 days1 show
18Lukin1994 days1 show10878 days2 shows
19Porch5051 daysprevious show22575 daysnext show
Encore 1
20Tonight You Belong To Me61 daysprevious show1385 days5 shows
21You Can Close Your Eyes54 days1 show11058 days138 shows
22Golden State231 daysprevious show3104 days17 shows
23Society501 daysprevious show7475 daysnext show
24I Am A Patriot326 days3 shows21205 days35 shows
25Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town3711 daysprevious show19675 daysnext show
26Crazy Mary1374 days1 show4176 days1 show
27Arc494 days1 show3375 daysnext show
Encore 2
28Rockin' In The Free World2351 daysprevious show12589 days8 shows
29Hard Sun521 daysprevious show8775 daysnext show

1 Covers [ L ]
11 songs
2 Into the Wild [ L ]
5 songs
3 Ukelele Songs [ L ]
3 songs
4 Vitalogy [ L ]
2 songs
No Code [ L ]
2 songs
Riot Act [ L ]
2 songs
Backspacer [ L ]
2 songs
Other [ L ]
2 songs
9 Ten [ L ]
1 songs
Vs. [ L ]
1 songs