19 Aug 2008, Riverside Theater, Milwaukee, WI, USA
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Main set
1Sometimes752 daysprevious show942 daysnext show
2Trouble292 daysprevious show372 daysnext show
3Girl From The North Country32 daysprevious show173 days1 show
4I Am Mine1162 daysprevious show982 daysnext show
5Dead Man413 days1 show283 days1 show
6Man Of The Hour592 daysprevious show422 daysnext show
7Setting Forth192 daysprevious show902 daysnext show
8No Ceiling212 daysprevious show562 daysnext show
9Guaranteed222 daysprevious show1162 daysnext show
10Far Behind212 daysprevious show1112 daysnext show
11Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town3003 days1 show2712 daysnext show
12Millworker183 days1 show25305 days10 shows
13Soon Forget683 days1 show403 days1 show
14Broken Heart143 days1 show15299 days6 shows
15Gone3710 days5 shows15299 days6 shows
16Rise202 daysprevious show1083 days1 show
17Driftin'262 daysprevious show442 daysnext show
18You've Got To Hide Your Love Away563 days1 show732 daysnext show
19Porch4512 daysprevious show2832 daysnext show
Encore 1
20Here's to The State of Mississippi82 daysprevious show12 daysnext show
21Blackbird32 daysprevious show53 days1 show
22Forever Young132 daysprevious show16293 days2 shows
23I Won't Back Down11126 days27 shows17309 days12 shows
24Wishlist1933 days1 show1263 days1 show
25Society212 daysprevious show1062 daysnext show
26Throw Your Arms Around Me392 daysprevious show383 days1 show
27No More382 daysprevious show42 daysnext show
28Arc272 daysprevious show552 daysnext show
Encore 2
29Hard Sun212 daysprevious show1222 daysnext show

1 Covers [ L ]
10 songs
2 Into the Wild [ L ]
7 songs
3 Other [ L ]
3 songs
4 Riot Act [ L ]
2 songs
5 Ten [ L ]
1 songs
Vs. [ L ]
1 songs
No Code [ L ]
1 songs
Yield [ L ]
1 songs
Binaural [ L ]
1 songs
Pearl Jam [ L ]
1 songs