15 Apr 2008, Spreckels Theater, San Diego, CA, USA
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Main set
1Walking The Cow112 daysprevious show391 daysnext show
2Around The Bend182 daysprevious show281 daysnext show
3I Am Mine1002 daysprevious show1241 daysnext show
4Dead Man292 daysprevious show411 daysnext show
5I'm Open83 days1 show2568 days8 shows
6Man Of The Hour462 daysprevious show561 daysnext show
7No Ceiling82 daysprevious show701 daysnext show
8Guaranteed82 daysprevious show1351 daysnext show
9Millworker92 daysprevious show341 daysnext show
10Far Behind82 daysprevious show1331 daysnext show
11Rise82 daysprevious show1241 daysnext show
12Soon Forget602 daysprevious show491 daysnext show
13Broken Heart73 days1 show221 daysnext show
14You're True55 days2 shows36114 days20 shows
15Driftin'152 daysprevious show57108 days16 shows
16You've Got To Hide Your Love Away462 daysprevious show861 daysnext show
17Picture In A Frame72 daysprevious show30119 days23 shows
18Masters Of War193 days1 show2777 days14 shows
19Trouble172 daysprevious show501 daysnext show
20I Won't Back Down103 days1 show21126 days27 shows
21Porch4322 daysprevious show3121 daysnext show
Encore 1
with Liam Finn
82 daysprevious show1271 daysnext show
23Throw Your Arms Around Me
with Liam Finn
312 daysprevious show461 daysnext show
24Lukin1592 daysprevious show1551 daysnext show
25Arc152 daysprevious show67108 days16 shows
Encore 2
26No More162 daysprevious show261 daysnext show
27I Am A Patriot251288 days152 shows29120 days24 shows
28So You Want to be a Rock n Roll Star6652 days78 shows5542 days65 shows
29Hard Sun
with Liam Finn and Eliza Jane Barnes
82 daysprevious show1451 daysnext show

1 Covers [ L ]
11 songs
2 Into the Wild [ L ]
6 songs
3 No Code [ L ]
3 songs
Other [ L ]
3 songs
5 Riot Act [ L ]
2 songs
Ukelele Songs [ L ]
2 songs
7 Ten [ L ]
1 songs
Binaural [ L ]
1 songs
Lost Dogs [ L ]
1 songs