29 Mar 2018, Citibank Hall, Sao Paolo, Brazil
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Main set
1I'm So Tired9187 days6 shows1448 days32 shows
2Trouble65186 days5 shows2438 days28 shows
3Dead Man69295 days15 showsNone
4Good Woman23186 days5 shows3184 days24 shows
5Wishlist3061 daysprevious show151 daysnext show
6You've Got To Hide Your Love Away126186 days5 shows4339 days26 shows
7Picture In A Frame36276 days9 shows1438 days28 shows
8Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town5484 days1 show261 daysnext show
9Around The Bend4415 days4 shows1110 days16 shows
10Can't Keep116187 days6 shows6437 days27 shows
11Sleeping By Myself917 days2 shows101 daysnext show
12Soon Forget106281 days11 shows2339 days26 shows
13No Ceiling76276 days9 shows1440 days29 shows
14Far Behind1251 daysprevious show101 daysnext show
15Guaranteed1321 daysprevious show81 daysnext show
16Long Nights
with Glen Hansard
55275 days8 shows2448 days32 shows
17Present Tense
with Glen Hansard
13415 days4 shows476 days3 shows
18I Am A Patriot50187 days6 shows4132 days17 shows
19Throw Your Arms Around Me77275 days8 showsNone
20Speed of Sound25690 days33 showsNone
21I Won't Back Down22303 days19 shows7110 days16 shows
22Porch7041 daysprevious show331 daysnext show
Encore 1
23Unthought Known1974 days1 show1376 days3 shows
24Better Days101417 days88 shows11 daysnext show
25Falling Slowly
with Glen Hansard
69201 days7 shows31 daysnext show
with Glen Hansard
1231 daysprevious show71 daysnext show
27Rockin' In The Free World
with Glen Hansard
3457 days2 shows221 daysnext show
28After Hours81509 days102 showsNone
29Hard Sun
with Glen Hansard
1361 daysprevious show101 daysnext show

1 Covers [ L ]
12 songs
2 Into the Wild [ L ]
6 songs
3 No Code [ L ]
2 songs
Backspacer [ L ]
2 songs
Other [ L ]
2 songs
Ukelele Songs [ L ]
2 songs
7 Ten [ L ]
1 songs
Vs. [ L ]
1 songs
Yield [ L ]
1 songs
Binaural [ L ]
1 songs