26 Jun 2017, Teatro Antico di Taormina, Taormina, Italy
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Main set
1Long Road10719 days5 shows8275 days8 shows
2Bad115 days3 shows1275 days8 shows
3Wishlist2992 daysprevious show291 daysnext show
4I Am Mine2022 daysprevious show2275 days1 show
5Can't Keep1132 daysprevious show1175 days1 show
6Without You7120 days6 shows490 days3 shows
7Sleeping By Myself
with Red Limo String Quartet
872 daysprevious show1575 days1 show
8It Happened Today
with Red Limo String Quartet
515 days3 shows2726 days43 shows
9Driftin'6715 days3 shows5277 days10 shows
10Setting Forth1052 daysprevious show490 days3 shows
11No Ceiling7519 days5 shows3276 days9 shows
12Far Behind1192 daysprevious show221 daysnext show
13Guaranteed1272 daysprevious show161 daysnext show
14Rise1192 daysprevious show131 daysnext show
15Picture In A Frame3523 days7 shows2276 days9 shows
16The Kids Are Alright30718 days49 showsNone
17Out of Sand219 days5 showsNone
18Better Man / (Save it for Later)5752 daysprevious show381 daysnext show
19Porch6942 daysprevious show501 daysnext show
20Isn't it a Pity120 days6 shows1075 days1 show
21Crazy Mary17227 days9 shows6260 days4 shows
with Red Limo String Quartet
53117 days4 shows16263 days5 shows
with Red Limo String Quartet
67 days2 showsNone
24Just Breathe
with Red Limo String Quartet
1797 days2 shows2675 days1 show
with Red Limo String Quartet
2922 daysprevious show2275 days1 show
26Song of Good Hope
with Glen Hansard
82 daysprevious show13277 days10 shows
27Sleepless Nights
with Glen Hansard
6917 days4 shows81 daysnext show
with Glen Hansard
1192 daysprevious show1675 days1 show
29All Along The Watchtower
with Red Limo String Quartet and Glen Hansard
17589 days43 shows1386 days26 shows
Encore 1
30Hard Sun
with Red Limo String Quartet, Glen Hansard, Olivia Vedder and Harper Vedder
1312 daysprevious show221 daysnext show

1 Covers [ L ]
11 songs
2 Into the Wild [ L ]
7 songs
3 Ukelele Songs [ L ]
4 songs
4 Ten [ L ]
2 songs
Riot Act [ L ]
2 songs
Other [ L ]
2 songs
7 Vitalogy [ L ]
1 songs
No Code [ L ]
1 songs
Yield [ L ]
1 songs
Backspacer [ L ]
1 songs