11 Jun 2017, Live at the Marquee, Cork, Ireland
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Main set
1Better Man5722 daysprevious show418 daysnext show
2Throw Your Arms Around Me758 days3 shows216 days4 shows
3Sometimes1592 daysprevious show138 daysnext show
4Don't Be Shy251215 days87 shows3292 days14 shows
5I Am Mine1982 daysprevious show268 daysnext show
6Off He Goes1404 days1 show58 daysnext show
7Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town5372 daysprevious show448 daysnext show
8BadNone215 days3 shows
9Wishlist2962 daysprevious show328 daysnext show
10Can't Keep1092 daysprevious show158 daysnext show
11Soon Forget1044 days1 show510 days1 show
12Sleeping By Myself
with Red Limo String Quartet
842 daysprevious show188 daysnext show
13It Happened Today
with Red Limo String Quartet
44 days1 show315 days3 shows
14Far Behind1162 daysprevious show258 daysnext show
15Driftin'664 days1 show615 days3 shows
16Guaranteed1242 daysprevious show198 daysnext show
17Rise1152 daysprevious show178 daysnext show
18Unthought Known1924 days1 show1913 days2 shows
19Open All Night24976 days56 shows4104 days6 shows
20Porch6902 daysprevious show548 daysnext show
21Comfortably Numb1613 days6 shows913 days2 shows
22Should I Stay Or Should I Go?44 days1 show138 daysnext show
23Last Kiss15513 days6 shows813 days2 shows
24Come Back
with Red Limo String Quartet
504 days1 show3275 days8 shows
with Red Limo String Quartet
5582 daysprevious show338 daysnext show
26Falling Slowly
with Red Limo String Quartet and Glen Hansard
632 daysprevious show118 daysnext show
with Glen Hansard
1162 daysprevious show1910 days1 show
28The Auld Triangle
with Glen Hansard
12 daysprevious show1752 days51 shows
29Rockin' In The Free World
with Glen Hansard
3372 daysprevious show358 daysnext show
30Hard Sun
with Red Limo String Quartet and Glen Hansard
1282 daysprevious show258 daysnext show

1 Covers [ L ]
12 songs
2 Into the Wild [ L ]
5 songs
3 Ukelele Songs [ L ]
2 songs
Ten [ L ]
2 songs
No Code [ L ]
2 songs
Riot Act [ L ]
2 songs
Lost Dogs [ L ]
2 songs
8 Lightning Bolt [ L ]
1 songs
Vs. [ L ]
1 songs
Vitalogy [ L ]
1 songs