09 Jun 2017, 3 Arena, Dublin, Ireland
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Main set
1Trouble603 days1 show512 days2 shows
2Brain Damage278 days3 shows510 days1 show
3Sometimes1583 days1 show102 daysnext show
4Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town5362 daysprevious show312 daysnext show
5Thumbing My Way753 days1 show318 days5 shows
6I Am Mine1973 days1 show142 daysnext show
7I'm One91129 days76 showsNone
8Can't Keep1082 daysprevious show82 daysnext show
9You're True401128 days75 shows118 days5 shows
10Sleeping By Myself
with Red Limo String Quartet
832 daysprevious show142 daysnext show
with Red Limo String Quartet
530291 days9 shows1717 days4 shows
12Far Behind1152 daysprevious show132 daysnext show
13Setting Forth1023 days1 show710 days1 show
14Guaranteed1232 daysprevious show112 daysnext show
15Rise1142 daysprevious show132 daysnext show
16Immortality2053 days1 show1210 days1 show
17Masters Of War452 daysprevious show1292 days13 shows
18Better Man / (Save it for Later)5713 days1 show282 daysnext show
19Porch6892 daysprevious show412 daysnext show
20I'm So Tired42 daysprevious show510 days1 show
21Wishlist2952 daysprevious show212 daysnext show
22You've Got To Hide Your Love Away1236 days2 shows410 days1 show
with Andrew Bennett and Red Limo String Quartet
5572 daysprevious show242 daysnext show
with Red Limo String Quartet
2893 days1 show1810 days1 show
with Red Limo String Quartet
43 days1 show210 days1 show
26Just Breathe
with Red Limo String Quartet
1773 days1 show1410 days1 show
27Sleepless Nights
with Glen Hansard
682 daysprevious show417 days4 shows
28Falling Slowly
with Red Limo String Quartet
623 days1 show82 daysnext show
with Glen Hansard
1152 daysprevious show92 daysnext show
30The Auld Triangle
with Glen Hansard
None12 daysnext show
31Dublin You Are
with Stephen James Smith and Glen Hansard
32Rockin' In The Free World
with Glen Hansard
3363 days1 show242 daysnext show
33Hard Sun
with Glen Hansard, Stephen James Smith and Red Limo String Quartet
1272 daysprevious show122 daysnext show

1 Covers [ L ]
13 songs
2 Into the Wild [ L ]
6 songs
3 Ukelele Songs [ L ]
4 songs
4 Ten [ L ]
3 songs
Riot Act [ L ]
3 songs
6 Vitalogy [ L ]
2 songs
No Code [ L ]
2 songs
8 Vs. [ L ]
1 songs
Yield [ L ]
1 songs
Backspacer [ L ]
1 songs