03 Jun 2017, Egeskov Castle, Kvaerndrup, Denmark
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Main set
1Sometimes1562 daysprevious show143 daysnext show
2Trouble582 daysprevious show83 daysnext show
3Picture In A Frame344 days1 show323 days7 shows
4Throw Your Arms Around Me74285 days6 shows38 days3 shows
5Wishlist2922 daysprevious show283 daysnext show
6You've Got To Hide Your Love Away1222 daysprevious show86 days2 shows
7I Am Mine1954 days1 show203 daysnext show
8Light Years917 days3 shows4298 days16 shows
9Can't Keep1052 daysprevious show163 daysnext show
10Soon Forget1025 days2 shows64 days1 show
11Tonight You Belong To Me
with Cat Power
191051 days57 showsNone
12Far Behind1122 daysprevious show213 daysnext show
13No Ceiling734 days1 show44 days1 show
14Guaranteed1202 daysprevious show193 daysnext show
15Long Nights
with Glen Hansard
521118 days70 shows33 daysnext show
16Rise1112 daysprevious show173 daysnext show
17Unthought Known1902 daysprevious show194 days1 show
18Masters Of War432 daysprevious show34 days1 show
19Immortality2032 daysprevious show173 daysnext show
20It Happened Today22 daysprevious show34 days1 show
21Porch6862 daysprevious show493 daysnext show
22I'm So Tired24 days1 show74 days1 show
23(Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town) / Lukin2872 daysprevious show223 daysnext show
24Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town5332 daysprevious show393 daysnext show
25Sleepless Nights
with Glen Hansard
655 days2 shows103 daysnext show
26Song of Good Hope
with Glen Hansard
32 daysprevious show113 daysnext show
with Glen Hansard
1134 days1 show154 days1 show
28Rockin' In The Free World
with Glen Hansard
3342 daysprevious show313 daysnext show
29Hard Sun
with Glen Hansard
1242 daysprevious show203 daysnext show

1 Covers [ L ]
12 songs
2 Into the Wild [ L ]
7 songs
3 Ukelele Songs [ L ]
3 songs
4 No Code [ L ]
2 songs
Binaural [ L ]
2 songs
Riot Act [ L ]
2 songs
7 Ten [ L ]
1 songs
Vs. [ L ]
1 songs
Vitalogy [ L ]
1 songs
Yield [ L ]
1 songs