11 May 2014, Citibank Hall, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
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Main set
1Brain Damage223 daysprevious show1568 days13 shows
2Sometimes1473 daysprevious show2548 days7 shows
3Trouble534 days1 show14172 days28 shows
4Good Woman155 days2 shows11699 days42 shows
5Thumbing My Way695 days2 shows10716 days49 shows
6Can't Keep953 daysprevious show291 daysnext show
7Sleeping By Myself613 daysprevious show411 daysnext show
8Goodbye33540 days62 showsNone
9Light Today284 days1 show11114 days68 shows
10I Am Mine1824 days1 show4268 days13 shows
11Better Man / (Save it for Later)5185 days2 shows951 daysnext show
12Far Behind1023 daysprevious show391 daysnext show
13Setting Forth833 daysprevious show261 daysnext show
14Guaranteed1123 daysprevious show3168 days13 shows
15Long Nights503 daysprevious show91 daysnext show
16You've Got To Hide Your Love Away1123 daysprevious show201 daysnext show
17I Believe In Miracles685 days2 shows646 days6 shows
18Immortality1893 daysprevious show3837 days2 shows
19(if I could hold on to you improv)NoneNone
20Needle and the Damage Done165 days2 shows1145 days5 shows
214th of July1274 days3 showsNone
22Just Breathe1543 daysprevious show5137 days2 shows
23Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town4773 daysprevious show1041 daysnext show
24Sleepless Nights623 daysprevious show151 daysnext show
25Society1083 daysprevious show27790 days59 shows
26Present Tense12277 days5 shows1658 days11 shows
27Falling Slowly563 daysprevious show181 daysnext show
28Should I Stay Or Should I Go?23 daysprevious show151123 days73 shows
29Porch6243 daysprevious show1201 daysnext show
30Hard Sun1153 daysprevious show381 daysnext show
31Dream A Little Dream of Me263 daysprevious show31 daysnext show

1 Covers [ L ]
12 songs
2 Into the Wild [ L ]
6 songs
Ukelele Songs [ L ]
6 songs
4 Riot Act [ L ]
3 songs
5 Vitalogy [ L ]
2 songs
No Code [ L ]
2 songs
7 Backspacer [ L ]
1 songs
Lightning Bolt [ L ]
1 songs
Jams & improvs [ L ]
1 songs
Ten [ L ]
1 songs